Group Discussion Tips, Topics and Advice

Group discussion topics, tips and advice

Group discussions constitute an indispensable part of most of the admissions today. They also are a vital  element of the on-campus recruitments. The selector conduct GDs to assess the behavior of the aspirants in a group, their level of adaptability, imagination and approach to reach at a consensus or a disagreement. A number of traits are tested here, like, communication, soft skills, listening skills, leadership qualities, management, conflict resolution, presentation, appeal, confidence and attitude. If you are hopeful to get admitted to a prestigious institute, you have to face this test.

Your approach towards group discussions should be all encompassing, i.e. you cannot take anything for granted. You need some extra dedication, perseverance and patience, and on top of that you need a guidance. Career mentor has created this page exclusively to educate the audience about intricacies involved in this art. A good amount of essential tricks and insights to prep you up can be found here. You also can find a sound number of GD topics here to practice from.