About us

We all need a mentor to lead us through the unknown and unseen paths, and Career Mentor is only another place to find one such altruistic pal. Contrary to other counselors,this is an online space, always at your finger-tip. What more, it is completely free and optional, and requires no subscription for the services rendered.

Career mentor aspires to build a handy platform for young professionals and students to find and refer to the resources pertaining to their career needs. You may visit here for career guidance, professional advice, career route suggestions - any time, devoid any cost or compulsion. In addition, we never compromise on our practicality and authenticity for reward or returns.

The information provided here is true to the best of our knowledge and judgment, and any discrepancy might just be a case of coincidence. We strive to educate our readers with a blend of experience and information, and keep them updated by aligning our content with the latest trends and occurrences in the professional arena. We hope our enterprise brings a smile on the countenances of a million souls. Amen.