Is Age a Barrier in Career Development?

The biggest hurdle faced by most professionals in career progression is the age criteria. This factor becomes even more visible when you opt for a career change. The doors of alternative career routes are almost shut, and you are bound to stay within your realm whether or not you experience any progress or development. This is a worrying situation, but it is not always true. This threat is sometimes also the result of hasty conclusions and exaggerated opinions expressed by various experts who fail to visualize the advantages associated with maturity and experience that comes with age. When combined with presumptions and suspicions, this beneficial criteria may seem quite threatening and depressing - enough to give you long sleepless nights.

Is Age Really that Crucial?

If you look at the concurrent trends, most prestigious organizations are increasingly employing youth at the highest levels of authority. In addition, entry level jobs are more or less designed to recruit the youngest bunch of pass out applicants. That is surely a cause of concern for the ones who are in their forties, and want to shift their career routes in different directions. This may not be the right time for them to adjust their terrain, and look for a job in a dissimilar spot. They would be adjudges even less competing or suitable than the freshers and newcomers of the field.

But this does not mean the end of road for you. If you have expertise in more than a single field, you are always free to choose your path irrespective of the fact that you may have spent most of the working days on a totally distinct platform. The thing that matters here is you should have the required proficiency and the ability to showcase your potency. If you have that will power and vigor to attract the potential employer, you are good enough to go.

How to Defy Your Age?

Preparing yourself for new roles at higher age requires skills as well as competence. But the most important facet is your self confidence and vitality. Employers are always looking for the people who may benefit the organization with their experience and management styles, and make a difference by their presence. If you have these ingredients, which are always present in mature and active people, age is no bar for you. You may actually benefit by your age rather than scrutinizing and finding it as a drawback in your career prospects.

The traits required to succeed at a mature age are similar to that of a young age. The only distinction is your added advantage of experience and insight. To convert your age into your winning edge, you have to visualize yourself as a young professional. You will have to first make yourself believe that you are still young and energetic, and age is just a number prefixed to highlight your maturity. If you begin by this mindset, the things will amazingly become easier for you, and you will find yourself still relevant in the horde of innumerable contenders.

Give due regard to the following points if you want to break the age barrier,

  • Opt for a field that you expertise in. But this should also be the area that inspires and motivates you so that you may be able to bring out the best from within you, and make a difference.
  • Be pliable and supple to take advantages of the chances that arrive your way. To grab a chance of promotion or transition, you first have to show that you are fit for a number of tasks.
  • If you don’t want to change the organization, and are comfortable working with it, you may ask your seniors and managers to pave the way for your career transition to an area that is not starkly different but makes you feel confident and satisfied.
  • Update yourself on the latest happenings and upgrade your skills to match a new responsibility. Be open to the new challenges within your organization, and try to excel in the area of your choice.
  • Make yourself and your capabilities known to the boss and colleagues, and grab the chances offered to you. This will make the management recognize your maturity and think about your career progression.
  • Prepare yourself for higher roles. Higher roles require knowledge and expertise in differing domains that are complementary to each others. In this way, you can overcome the obstacles concerning your career development prospects.
  • Make hay while the sun shines. Don’t wait for the last minute if you are never getting any chance of career growth. Make your apprehensions known to the employer. Let them decide.
  • At the end, if you have made up your mind to alter your career domain, just make a thorough research and preparation before you leave your current job.
  • In any way, don’t worry about your age. If you can believe you are young, you can make others feel the same way. Be confident and bouncy.

If you ponder upon the superstitions prevalent related to the age in the industry, you will find that most of them are wrong or twisted barring the fact that newcomers have a better chance of learning new things because they have a virtually empty brain. This should not hinder you if are willing to learn and adapt. Just be wise to take care of your physical and mental health to erase the disparity between you and the younger chaps. Motivate and maintain yourself, and see the difference that comes with the age.
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