How to Deal With Exam Failure

Many of us, while embarking on any project or goal only think about churning out success, and as a result, are too sensitive to accept or gulp defeat at the hands of destiny. We feel devastated and ruined, and often blame our stars for these debacles. But friends, failure is only a chapter in your long career journey, and it is up to you to write the rest of the pages according to your wish and ambition. Failures are only there to teach us the lessons that we otherwise are too negligent to learn or realize.

Exam failures are a part and parcel of an aspirant’s expedition today. With the competitive standards rising by leaps and bounds every day, and more and more candidates getting involved in the rat race to attain a berth in job arena, there are bound to be setbacks and glitches at various stages of your career. It is not important how hard you ponder over the harsh consequences of debacle, but the most important thing is how you deal with the setbacks, and how you adjust, improve and bounce back to achieve your end.

Sometimes anything is too much for you to manage, and this is the time you need to hold yourself together. To assist you do this, here are some easy guidelines you can follow.

Be at Peace, First of All

The first and foremost thing a wise person will do under these circumstances is to maintain his composure in the trying circumstances. Crying over the spilt milk helps no one. The bygones are bygones, and it is not possible for a human soul to call back the time and recreate history. So, it is worthless to waste your energy wailing and lamenting over the situations that are not under your control. In reality, it is a brave individual that has the capacity to accept his fallibility with honor. Display your valor in your personal life, and prove to your own self that no situation has the capacity to deter you from your plan. Make your conscience free and upright.

 Discover the faults in your strategy

The second step is to hunt the down the chinks in your armor. It can also be termed as introspection. Failure is a great way to assess your weak and strong areas. Find out the root cause of your unsuccessful attempt at the examination. I assure you, most of the times they will be minor flaws or errors that often become huge in a competitive scenario. If you are able to find out bigger mistakes, take it as a plus point. Consult your peers, mentors and fellow aspirants to ascertain the primary areas where you went wrong. Use your own experience and others’ perspectives to arrive at a list of fragile points in your strategy. Jot them down for future use in planning.

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Create a Proper Game plan

After you discover the hurdles defying you success, it is the time for creating a new and revamped roadmap for your future endeavors. Make sure that your plan covers the most important aspects of your preparation routine. Construct a guideline for yourself that you can adhere to. Include the previous mistakes as wake up call, and revise your strategy so that you can focus more on improving upon your weak areas. The time after an exam failure is the best of all times to craft a practical and rational plan. Make good use of this precious time.

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Be Optimistic, Realistic, Resilient

There is no person without failures on this planet. In fact, most of the great men experienced great spells of debacles before they were finally able to meet their destiny. So, think positively and constructively. No matter how many times you falter, the only moment when you succeed becomes a hallmark of your whole efforts.

The following points will help you deal with exam failures,

  • Convince yourself that exam failure is only a leaf of the tall tree of life, and not every leaf is spoilt.
  • Thank God for giving you the opportunity to look at your errors and correct them.
  • Engage in fun and outings with your friends and loved ones. Be social. Don’t lock up yourself.
  • If you feel frustrated, don’t let the thought of exam haunt you. Busy yourself in the activities that please you.
  • Instead of feeling insecure, introspect and find your mistakes and weak links.
  • Music, movies, games, cooking, trekking – whatever you love should make you feel lighter and liberated.
  • Think of other people who earlier met with debacles and finally succeeded. This will soothe you.
  • After you gain some tranquility, use your precious time in creating a good pragmatic plan.
  • Come back to your previous routine on time and rebound with double strength. Best of luck for you next attempt.