Never Commit These Five Mistakes in Competitive Exams

Competitive exams are the perfect venues for a multitude of aspirants to showcase their ability and talent. This is the platform where all your hard work and continuous toil is tested. As such, there is little reason why a candidate may not like to perform to his optimum capacity level. But why all people are not able to deliver according to their actual strength? Why so many aspirants feel unsatisfied with their performance at this crucial juncture? This is a simple science, not very complicated to figure out. The answer is, we do commit mistakes.

Yes, there are factors related to everything that you do. Factors - that may not be under your control. But there are essentially, a bunch of issues that you may take care of, and abstain from making a mockery of your talent. A few mistakes when minimized can astonishingly alter the manner of results that you reap after the test. These mistakes are voluntary, and you can do a lot of good to yourself to avoid them, and eke out the success from your endeavor.

Mistakes That are Small yet Big

These mistakes may seem small but when you look at the effect they have on your examination, they prove themselves to be the biggest blunders committed by any aspirant on the list. They grow and compound, and develop into huge blunders spoiling your chances of cracking the examination. Let us see what these mistakes are, and how to avoid them.

Not Having Proper Rest

Most aspirants are too anxious before an examination to give their body the required rest. This has a huge bearing on your capacity to perform. Remember, you can never memorize or learn anything new in  a night’s span. You have with you the constant hard labor and toil that you have done in the past. Only that is going to work. If you like, you can revise the general awareness section or read a newspaper. But if you don’t have proper sleep and rejuvenation, you are going to forget all that you have encashed. So forget your worried a day before the examination. Just relax and rest.

Forgetting Important Articles

The leisure time you have before the examination should not be wasted carelessly. Rather, prepare and arm yourself with the needful instruments. Articles like pen, pencil, eraser, hall ticket, identity card and so on should be carefully be mustered and made ready for the examination. A last time hustle will only make you nervous and insane, and if you forget anything mandatory this may be the end of road for you for that particular exam.

Looking at Fellow Participants

While in examination hall, it is good to be yourself. Don’t look at the fellow participants and adjust yourself. A lot of candidates commit this fatal blunder and lose their nerve in the examination. Don’t think that someone else is doing better or solving problems faster than yours. They might be doing it    wrong. Also,  if the question paper is tough, it is so for everyone in the examination hall. You have your own plan and strategy. Stick to it and deliver according to your own timeline. All you need is one single seat. You cannot control others, so control your own nerve and make your own decisions.

Being in Extreme Hurry

Some of us have the habit of losing our composure the moment we enter an examination hall. We become too excited and nervous. Sometimes we keep rereading our question paper or keep solving a single question several times but never finding a solution. We make extreme hurry in solving problems, and in this way end up committing too many gaffes that we would have never done otherwise. To eradicate this problem, take a deep breath and relax yourself. Be calm and composed, and allow yourself to advance at the rehearsed speed that worked best for you while practicing your sets.

Attempting the Wrong Sectors

Some of us are fail only because we attempt the wrong sections at the crucial times. This is the most common problem in competitive arena today. You spend your time on wrong areas and find that you are left with little time to showcase what you know. To avoid this mistake, make an easy rule. Attempt the sections first that you are more confident in. The harder sections must follow the suite in succession. Also, never try to solve a question that takes too longer than usual and whose outcome is blur. Leave out those time taking puzzles for the end.

These five mistakes are minute in their outer appearance, but come the time, their effect is multiplied umpteen times. Every experienced campaigner will advise you to heed them and be safe than sorry. So, now that you know what they are, always avoid them, and reap the results of your hard labor in the way that fits your stature.