Easy Ways to Improve Your Memory

Having a good memory is the cornerstone of success in any competitive exam. It is also a vital aspect in dealing your daily chores in a gainful way, and showing productivity and progress on your professional front. Attaining an exceptional brain power is no child’s play whatsoever, and many students are left wondering as to what is it that separates them from some of their meritorious peers. It is however not impossible. In fact, everyone can improve his memory to match or even surpass the merit of most top order contenders with amazingly easy ways. Just a few points of counsel they have to pay attention to.

How to Boost Your Memory?

Building an efficient and potent brain power is a stepwise process which is both steady and continuous. If you are already an owner of a shrewd memory, you will be thrilled to explore the possibilities and potential a human being may carry. If you are a mediocre, you will still be able to experience a huge change in your capability. The following trouble free and simple tricks will make you feel the difference that every young soul aspires to accomplish.

Memorizing Techniques

There are numerous effortless ways to memorize what you see or perceive. Many people use them in every sphere of life and get eyeballs for their promptness and guile. You too can use these techniques and add on to your efficiency instead of memorizing every bit of your textbook. Some of the common tricks employed are mentioned here.


If an information is hard to remember or too long to be conceived at once, you will find it a lot easier to create a short form by appointing individual letter to each part. One example of such abbreviated format is VIBGYOR, which stands for Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red - the name of seven colors of sunlight in order. Another popular example is SWOT analysis, which is the short form of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You can see for yourself how easy it becomes to memorize long data when you create meaningful shortcuts.

Virtual Imagery

Creating a virtual image of the object or a person helps you better your ability to remember and recall. This technique is used primarily in teaching adolescents with great success; it is equally beneficial for adults as well. You can associate an event with a color or image for example a doomsday with the picture of the most destructive volcano you have seen, and remember it for life long. In reverse way, you can choose a fitting word to describe a person’s face, and recall him with greater accuracy.


Flowcharts are often used in illustrations to describe long algorithms in a simple manner. You can apply this ploy in effectively processing a big chunk of information. This trick comes in handy when you have a whole set of data to consider. Break each step into a memorable and obvious flowchart and see it implanted in your memory for a lengthy period of time.


Reading aloud sometimes helps you in memorizing things which are hard to conceptualize otherwise. Research shows that only reading or writing or visualizing may not grant you as much results than employing a combination of these exercises. When you view, read and then also write it down, you find yourself blessed with more retention and recall ability. So next time when you are in your study room, write what you read and read what you write.

Brain Games

There are certain brain games that show amazing results as far as your memory skills are concerned. Utilize these games in your leisure time instead of indulging in unproductive tasks to find a new individual in your attire. While there are umpteen number of games that you may attempt, the below mentioned games are suggested for best results.

Sudoku: It is a game associated with numbers, and you have to fill the blank spaces with right answers. It consists of nine rows and nine columns with each cell representing a specific number. Every number appears for a single instance in a row or a column. In addition, each box of separate nine cells (3*3) covers each number from one to nine only once. Satisfy these conditions in a timely manner and improve your timings and game levels.

Crosswords: Crosswords are word games with blank spaces representing a word. Each set of cells is given a particular description. You have to decipher the meaning or words derived from the description, and fill the blanks to obtain the best fitting word.

 Puzzles: There are word puzzles and numerical puzzles. You also have non verbal puzzles to confuse and trigger your brain. Challenge yourself and solve the riddles within the allotted time to see your brain power boost. As a piece of advice, I would say, embark from the easy level and ascend slowly to see the difference.

Minesweeper: This is a simple game that used to adorn the Windows 7 and earlier version of windows. Each landmine is covered and you have to find the cells that are vacant. An interesting game as it is, try to improve your timings without compromising with your security. There are many other games that are available both on android and windows that are beneficial for your memory. Choose your own fit.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation is the best way to calm your mind and balance your nerves. The benefits of meditating on a daily basis are well documented.  It is shown to improve your concentration which in turn is said to boost your mental faculty. The Dhyan Mudra where you conjoin your toe with your index finger and leave all other fingers straight is the best aasan prescribed for learners and explores alike. As far as, Yoga is concerned, Shirshasana is the best way to increase the blood flow to your brain and boost your memory. Using meditation and Yoga to revitalize and rejuvenate your memory is an ongoing procedure and it should be practised daily to attain the best results.

Natural herbs

Some dry fruits such as almonds, peanuts and date palms are shown to improve long term as well as short term human memory. You can include these items in your diet and see the results for yourself. There are claims of cow milk being beneficial to brain, and is therefore, recommended to students and learners. In addition, ancient herbs such as Ashwagandha are said to have a positive bearing on your mental prowess. Herbs and fruits may, however not improve your brain until you have a healthy eating habit which is an essential ingredient as far as your whole life is concerned. So keep this thing in mind.

Practice and Revision

The more you practise and rehearse, the better you become at memorizing things. I have personally seen dumb people do wonders in their life, just because of practise and persistence. But when you ally your effort with perfect procedure, you turn even better at retention of things. For optimum results,  try to revise anything that you have learnt after ten minutes and then a after a day. Thereafter, revise the same thing in a week and a month. You will find that it becomes amazingly easy to memorize facts with this technique.

So my dear reader, now you have a neat outline of how you can improve your memory easily and painlessly. It is now up to you to put in practice whatever you have acquired through learning. Peace pal!