How to Utilize Samartphones as Career Building Tools

About a decade ago, who would have imagined the way smartphones would change our lives. They have today become a part and parcel of our everyday routine. Whether it be booking a ticket for a show or a public transport or be it watching a popular net series, these little marvels of science have made deep inroads into our daily chores. From gaming to our fitness routine, smartphones are everywhere today. Our dependence on them has radically transformed them into an indispensable device without which our day is never complete. The question arises then – can they also be utilized as a tool to enhance our career prospects.

Latest trends show that mobile phones can be used in a variety of ways to assist you build a promising and long-lasting career. They are stronger and handy today more than ever before equipped with numerous features and applications to help you out in your career quest. Let me elucidate the manner in which this modern miracle can transform the way you put up your career.

Social Media Connectivity

Building a strong network is now possible with a few clicks only, thanks to the smartphone revolution. You can now erect an impressive social portfolio by creating and maintaining various profiles on different platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and so on without much bother. As the contemporary business is more and more reliant on online presence these days, you command visibility and credibility by making use of social profiles. In addition, you get to stumble upon new faces and learn many new things out there.

Learning Apps

Learning has become easier since the introduction of various applications into the scene. Dictionaries in almost every language of the world are available now at your fingertips. Pop up dictionaries, phrasal verbs, language packs, vocabulary builders, synonyms, spoken packs and several other types of applications are present to help you learn your language of choice with simplicity and least exertion. There are apps to prop you up in trying your hand at new software or even mastering or practising the old ones. If you like you can also read novels and books, and thus, engage yourself in some profitable activity.

Editing Tools

A flurry of tools adorns the modern phones which also saves your time and effort in tweaking or correcting your files. Office, Google docs, Grammerly, Canva, Photo Editor, Art Maker, Xodo and so on are some of these apps that aid you in creating spectacular text and image files or tweak them to your desire. The count of such applications is so much that you may actually have to decide which to keep and which to resist. I advise choosing the ones that are permanent and ad-free. Avoid buggy or outdated apps though, and check out the permissions you grant to each one of them.

News Applications

Going through the morning news is a good practice. My counsel is to rely upon newspapers for this purpose, but being disconnected is never recommended. While you are travelling in a train or a bus or in leisure time when you have nothing else to do, you can turn on your phone’s backlight and go through the latest updates. You can download the programs of your choice or just browse through the internet and find the coveted information in your domain. This is probably the best way you can find succour in your little contrivance.

Videos and Games

Memory games are sometimes more than just useful to budding professionals. However, they are most productive for children and should never be allowed to form a habitual addiction. Crosswords, puzzles, brain teasers and other perceptual and analytical tests benefit you by letting you rehearse and arouse your mental faculty. Apart from this, Netflix, Youtube, Hotstar or similar web apps present new aspects of current and up to date knowledge in the entertainment world which are most of the times informative also.

Smartphones have innumerable uses, but they are deceiving too. If you don’t pay heed to how you use them, they may also harm you either by consuming a lot of your time or by negatively affecting your health. Devote only a pre-allotted time every day for smartphones. Use them with caution if you want your career to get positively impacted by their use. At last, I would say the importance of these small deities has risen so sharply that a new debate has now taken shape, i.e. Will Smartphones Replace Newspapers. Please go through this post if you like to know the answer.