Leadership Skills Required for Group Discussions

Group discussions entail the display of various skills out of which leadership stands out as the apex of the desirable traits required for selection. If you lack these skills, you consciously fall on the back foot in creating the first favorable impression on the judges’ panel. The onlookers are searching for a person who not only can co-ordinate a given group, but also leads them from the front if the need arises. As such, you are doing much harm to yourself by neglecting its importance.

To attain a commanding position, you ought to take the initiative in a discussion. A group discussion can be kick-started in numerous ways and by making a variety of statements, all of which are discussed in the post: How to Start a Group Discussion. Starting a GD makes you a boss of the proceedings which in turn makes you more visible and noticeable towards the audience. But even if you fail to take the first step, you still require some leadership skills that are vital for a chit-chat.

Being a leader entails the presence of several traits that are judiciously evaluated by the panel, and has a great bearing on your final marks. Here are the qualities that are vital for garnering a thumbs-up at the test.

Taking Initiative

The three facet of initiation in a GD

Starting a dialogue requires great risk-taking ability and self aplomb. This is portrayed in the way you behave at the inception of the test. If you are successful in taking a lead at this juncture, there is a fair probability that you will maintain it throughout the end. Be careful to be clear in the concept you are going to embark upon. Any sort of ambiguity will take away the benefit you ought to derive from your efforts. Your idea should be up to date and graspable.  In addition, it should be backed by lucid arguments and a convincing presentation. And of course, your confidence should be unshakable and your factsheet must be accurate.

Passion and Zeal

A passionate person is almost always perceived as captivating and smart to the people around him. Energy is contagious, and it gets transferred to the folks who you are interacting with. Your vagrancy can make a huge difference when it comes to winning such tests. It is the hallmark of your self-belief.

How ambitious you are as a leader depends upon your unflinching stance and your appetite for accomplishment. It shows your indomitable will to succeed in challenging situations and the mind-set to ride the waves you come across. These skills are also called upon in the real-life circumstances where you ought to have the will power to win a contention. This is also expected of you in a GD.

Persuasive Skills

Persuasive skills in a group discussion

To persuade others of your belief, you need to build a firm reputation right from the start. Your acceptability hinges upon your credibility and trust displayed in you by your peers. Apart from this, your thoughts must originate from a rational ground. It should not be a burden to their common sense. The fellow contenders will approve your opinion only and only if it suits their logical stature. So, weave your ideas in a concise but coherent theme, and coordinate with other people to arrive at a consensus that is not far apart from your own proposition. Emotional intellect is going to help you here.

Managerial Aptitude

Manage the string of your ideas before you blurt them out, and manage the people all along the way – this is the manner to go about in a group conversation. Handle wisely the differing situations you arrive at in your test. Make sure no one is offended while ensuring that the conversation is running on the right track. Amend your approach to arrive at a consensus. Meanwhile, also keep a watch upon the relationship among the group members. Try to make it cordial and warm. Finally, deal with the scarcity of time period that you are provided, and try to summarize your meeting before you run out of time.

Personal Charisma

A charismatic personality is one that makes the other people admire and follow you. Not an exceptional one, but at least a sound level of magnetism will enhance your portfolio. Being magnetic is your personal appeal that is visible in a variety of traits such as your looks, your communication style and your sense of judgment. You are a charismatic leader if your peers and colleagues get attracted to you without much ado, and find you irresistible.  A sub-total of your visible self, to be precise, this area needs a perpetual build-up and continual improvements to be able to grant you an edge at the group discussions.

A leader may have umpteen distinctive traits, but the ones listed above are the chosen ones that are of the essence to your success at a GD. They are better taken care of.