Competitive Exams: Practice Versus Talent

Talent is required in every sphere of life to succeed and to get ahead of others. But it is practice that makes you survive in this fiercely competitive world. Sometimes, claims are made about the superiority of inherent talent that comes with few individuals with birth that makes them perform exceptionally well and provide them terrific success rates in exams. Is it really true that you have to be an erudite in origin to earn a triumph in a contest? Does it mean that people with average IQ or moderate intelligence are liable to fall short of victory in tests that require memory and intellect? Let us inspect the veracity of this proposition and its impact on the results of the competitive examinations.

It is All in the Genes Theory

The debaters that express faith in this opinion say that everyone comes with a different combination of genes, and that it is a deciding factor when it comes to cracking a contention. Superiority theory states that gifted candidates with equal means in identical conditions will outperform their contenders with an easy and comfortable margin no matter what be the level or inventory of the test. To some point, this conclusion bears some weight. If you are given same books and similar tutorials and treated with equal accord, the smartest ones will most probably be on top of the merit list.

But the fact staring in the face here is, to the cheer of the mediocre ones, that in real battle many gifted aspirants are outshone by the ordinary chaps who fall well below them in the astuteness graph. Why such discrepancies then; Does it have to do anything with practice? Yes, but wait; there are plethora of other reasons for such fallouts ranging from attitude and confidence to strategy and approach. Though the conditions might be the same, yet the gamut of each individual varies vastly, and there are other personal attributes that contribute to the difference in the final outcome of the fixtures.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Let us assume for the time being that all the candidates form the same strategy and adopt similar methods of preparation. What will happen then? Will you as a commonplace lad be left behind in the struggle or you still command a chance? The absolute answer to this question is a blatant "yes." A person with inferior intellect can still hold much water if he or she is serious about one thing - that is practice. It is not without a reason that this proverb about practice makes a man perfect got the shape. If you can practice with patience and persistence, there is no force that can prevent you from achieving your goal or deny you that little success that everyone craves for.

In the absence of use, the sharpest sword may lose its luster and become blunt. Your brain is like a spider's web. The more you rehearse, the more nets are created connecting each other and helping you with quick repartee when the need arises. On the other hand, a person, no matter how sharp and brainy, left without practice for a considerable period of time, is rendered helpless in front of easiest obstacles coming on the way. It is for this reason, you may find that sometimes your parents refrain from indulging in demanding problems even though they might have been the meritorious students of past. I urge you, don't misunderstand or undermine their knowledge; just remind yourself the difference between practice and flair.

Example is better than Precept

I have a sister who had a dull memory. We as arrogant teenagers often used to tease her for her second-rate intellect. But I will disclose you the weirdest fact - she never got a second position in her class and has succeeded in cracking every competitive exam that she faced in her life until now. She got employed in the first of the opportunities she got, much before anyone of us could fetch some success. What was the difference - it was the practice. She had the patience of a lamb and industry of a crow. She rehearsed her lessons with amazing persistence. As the time passed, her intelligence and aptitude sharpened and the pathway to her destiny became clearer and clearer.

It is not hers; it is the story of almost every successful individual we hear or read about in the magazines. All of them sharpened their skills like the tools sharpened on a whetstone. Very few of them were remarkably gifted in the beginning, but they managed to have the last laugh in the end. Similar goes with the competitive exams, if you practice thoroughly and determinedly, you are going to have the last laugh.

Reject All Notions and Perspire

I don't mean to say that you hopelessly and aimlessly have to indulge yourself in forced labor, rather far from that. But work diligently with a clear plan until your sweat becomes sweet. There must be a firm belief, a resolute attitude that you can win, which should always be backed by a clear plan and constant improvement. Candidates who are genially gifted will win for sure with fever efforts but even they will falter if they overlook the importance of industry. So, there is no question of leniency if you fall in the average category. You have to perspire.

You intelligence will support you only as long as you practice your skills. Talents are like gifted bicycles; unless you ride and venture, you are never going to go anywhere. And, the more you ride, the better you get at riding which is the most crucial knack for reaching your destination. Practice - practice is the winning factor, whether you are affluent in talent or a poverty ridden deficient contestant.