Best Scoring Areas of a Group Discussion

Group discussions and Interviews are akin to the measuring rods which are employed by modern institutions to judge the suitability of the candidates prior to their admission in their preferred domain. As such, the importance of GDs cannot be overruled. If you score highly in this obvious test, you are decidedly increasing your chances of getting enrolled in the institute of your choice. Let us have a look at the areas which may provide you an edge upon your fellow contestants in this open fray.

Common Scoring Areas to Concentrate upon

Every chap waiting to get enrolled aspires to perform brilliantly in order to win his way out of the escalating competition and makes every genuine effort to demonstrate his fitness for the candidature. Though you may be tempted to explore each and every realm of possibility in a group discussion, there are certain areas that count heavily upon your odds of getting selected. These areas, if prepared dutifully and applied consciously, will go on to add credibility to your profile.

Scoring areas of a group discussion

The following points are exclusively adjudged by the panel,

Leadership Skills

  • How you initiate the GD, plus your risk-taking behavior
  • Your hunger for success, your enthusiasm and will power
  • How passionate you are in general towards the subject or domain
  • How you convince and persuade others to accept your views
  • Your managerial aptitude involving emotional intelligence, coordination and delegation
  • Your ability to influence and affect others

Personality Traits

  • Your dressing sense and presentability of your self
  • Your personal values and moral fiber
  • The ultimate vision and mission of your life
  • Amount of self-confidence and poise
  • How cheerful and attractive you look
  • How you behave throughout the GD
  • How you react on a contradiction, and how you deal with applauses
  • Your self-composure in demanding situations
  • Etiquettes and behavioral traits 

Communication Skills

  • Grasp and fluency on the conversational language
  • Listening skills and the flair for comprehension  
  • Your body language and sitting and standing posture
  • Verbal communication involving accent and voice modulation
  • Non-verbal communication involving facial expression, eye contact and other cues
  • Your thought process and idea generation ability
  • Your attention span and reaction time to the presented arguments
  • Your gesture while addressing or listening to the peers
  • Presentation skills and quality of speech you deliver

Team Spirit

  • Self-awareness and composure while communicating with others
  • Ability to coordinate and mingle with the fellow contestants
  • Group cohesiveness or how acceptable you are to the group
  • How empathetic you are towards others and how they perceive you
  • How you adjust and align yourself in the discussion
  • Capability to form a consensus and summarize the GD

Presence of Mind

  • Common sense and the ability to dole out a quick repartee
  • Promptness of your ideas and replies
  • Your capacity to recall, relate and enrich the conversation
  • How you take stock of the situation and your overall prudence
  • Knowing the right time and right manner to chip-in
  • The precision you show while dealing the topic

General Awareness

  • Your knowledge and grasp on the topic discussed  
  • Your interest in the subject and eagerness to learn
  • Awareness about the concurrent environment 
  • Accuracy and relevance of the arguments you present

Overall contribution in a GD is the secret scoring weapon 

Your overall contribution depends upon how you approach the subject matter and the nature of the discussion you engage in. Always try to head in a positive direction in spite of minor obstacles or glitches. Enrich the meeting with your opinions and always add to the tally instead of repeating others’ arguments. You can take the lead or emphasize the points already put forward by others. You can also negate or contradict politely the ideas you find erroneous. Just remember to uphold your grace. Finally, conclude the GD within the given time frame and summarize your conclusions.

The points discussed above are crucial in obtaining high grades in a group discussion. Master them by heart if you are keen on turning the tables. If you are looking for a point wise thorough explanation on how GDs are evaluated, this post will work miracles for you: Evaluation Criteria of Group Discussions.
Good luck and peace!