A Systematic List of Probable Interview Questions

Questions are inevitable part of the interview process. As a candidate, you are liable to satiate the interviewer with your crisp and smart answers if you want to be hired. The best part of an HR interview round is that you are least bothered about the technical knowledge. As such there is a good scope for you to jot down and rehearse each answer to the probable questions that may arise in the meeting. This may sound too optimistic, but it is actually true. Yes, you may impress the interrogator with your out of box response and win the dialogue.

 A systematic list of most probable questions is presented here to help you out in the bargain. Go through them, prepare to the fullest and get the ball rolling.

List of Most Common Interview Questions

  1. Introduce yourself or tell me something about yourself.
  2. Would you like to have tea or coffee? 
  3. Are you an extrovert or introvert?
  4. Where did you find the vacancy?
  5. What excites you about this company?
  6. What do you know about our company?
  7. Why should we hire you?
  8. What differentiates you from the other candidates?
  9. What are your interest and hobbies?
  10. Can you describe your proudest moment?
  11. Why did you choose this job?
  12. Wht did you change so many companies? 
  13. Tell me the reason of your unemployment. 
  14. Why did you leave your earlier employer?
  15. Tell me about your family background.
  16. Brief me about the city you reside in.
  17. Describe yourself in one sentence.
  18. What is the ugly side of your character? 
  19. What is your biggest weakness?
  20. What are your strengths or bragging rights?
  21. What is your greatest achievement till date?
  22. Tell me about a problem you successfully solved.
  23. Can you brief me about the projects handled in the last organization?
  24. What irritates you the most?
  25. How do you utilize your spare time? 
  26. Tell me about someone you admire. 
  27. Whom do you respect the most? 
  28. Where do you see yourself five years since now?
  29. Why did you choose this position?
  30. What constitutes your dream occupation?
  31. Have you appeared for interview in other companies as well?
  32. What did you learn in your last organization?
  33. How would your coworkers describe you? 
  34. Explain the long gap in your employment.
  35. What made you change your career path?
  36. How would you lead a team of 10 subordinates?
  37. What managerial style you prefer the best?
  38. What are the areas you would like to improve upon?
  39. What other skills you pursue apart from the mentioned ones? 
  40. Would you be comfortable in managerial roles? 
  41. Are you looking at other positions also? 
  42. Tell me about your biggest gaffe?
  43. Who is your ideal in life?
  44. What are the five things most important in your life? 
  45. Who is your favorite film star or comedian or what is your favorite game/film/book?
  46. Why you got fired?
  47. Will you rejoin your earlier organization if everything turns out in your favour? 
  48. How do you react to a stressful or a high pressure situation?
  49. What was the toughest decision you made in your life?
  50. What would you do if you won a lottery?
  51. Which color is your favorite and why? 
  52. Can you say no to your boss? 
  53. Please, help me untie this knot. 
  54. Are you a perfectionist, if so, how would you deal with a mediocre team? 
  55. Do you have any peer already working in our organization?
  56. What is your preferred notice period?
  57. How would you convince your customer?
  58. What else attracts you apart from the job?
  59. What is the outline of your daily routine?
  60. Are you open to work overtime?
  61. How long do you plan to stay with us?
  62. What do you do to improve yourself?
  63. Can you differentiate between hard work and smart work?
  64. Who is your favorite businessman? 
  65. Given a choice, which country would you like to recide in? 
  66. Tell me about a deal that screwed up.
  67. Are you married, if not, why so much delay?
  68. When do you plan to get married?
  69. Do you reside in the city, if not, are you willing to relocate?
  70. Where do you put up presently?
  71. Do you have problems with multitasking?
  72. How do you balance your family life and work life?
  73. Why you got fired in the last organization?
  74. How was your relationship with your previous boss?
  75. How would co-workers describe you?
  76. What does your personality lack, what are you deficient in? 
  77. How do you solve a disagreement within your group?
  78. What was your craziest moment? 
  79. Tell me about your professional connections.
  80. What are your commitments other than the job?
  81. How would you go ahead in the initial days of your employment?
  82. What changes would you recommend if you are made the CEO of this company? 
  83. How would you light a candle beneath a fan?
  84. Are you keen or open to training?
  85. Tell me about your educational qualification.
  86. Are you looking to pursue higher education?
  87. What makes you happy?
  88. Tell me about your insecurities.
  89. What is your idea about an ideal workplace?
  90. Where would you rate yourself on a scale of one to ten?
  91. How do you do on the health front?
  92. What is your future long term objective?
  93. What is your immediate goal after joining an organization?
  94. How do you react to a change or are you adaptable?
  95. Can we trust you our secrets?
  96. Do you mind experimenting or risk taking?
  97. Is there something we haven't asked you? 
  98. What was your last earned salary? 
  99. What is your salary expectation?
  100. Is there anything you want to ask me?