How to Crack Competitive Examinations

Competitive exams have long been the agreed normal to assess the suitability of a candidate for a government position. Be it Public Service Commission or a department specific job, this is a trusted method to filter out the best among the populous list of applicants applying for a spot. A person successful in this test creates a secure career for himself for years to come, whereas, the unsuccessful ones have themselves to blame for the futile labor. The problem may not be in their industry; it may lie somewhere else, for instance, strategy, resources or attitude. The real concern here is, as to how to come out of this failure zone and grab the reward that reciprocates your hard work.

To educate you about this very purpose this post is written. How do you make a difference? What makes some mediocre aspirants win the contest, but foils your attempt of success. What are the areas that you should work upon to improve yourself? What should be your game plan to crack the exams? – All these points are given due consideration here. Continue reading to know the methods required to get on top of your setbacks, and lead the herd.

Attitude Required for Cracking the Competition

Your attitude forms the core of your mental persona. This is the greatest disparity between the winners and the losers. Though a student not able to make it up in his first or second attempt should not be termed as a loser, because it is as much a matter of pluck as your intelligence and preparation for the contention. But all that matters is your approach and stance before and after the examination. Please, concentrate on these areas if you value your merit.

Focus: Your focus must be fixed on the goal. Whatever you plan or do, right from the morning till the sunset, should be arranged keeping in mind your sole motto at the moment. For example, if you make friends, who should they be? Can they assist you in preparation? Will they motivate you? How much time your each activity consumes? Will it affect your focal point? You should keep at bay anything an reject any idea that leads you astray or diverts your attention from the target.

Persistence: Do you get bored after a short stint of strenuous task? If yes, then it is for you. Learn to be regular. Don’t overwork continuously. Instead tread slowly or in a moderate pace but never stop. This can be done by making a realistic routine and adhering to it, and whenever you feel an impulse to quit, just relax and revitalize yourself and resume your exercise. Remember, there is always a good possibility of a pearl in the last drop of the ocean.

Dedication: All good things need sacrifice. You should be able to quit your absurdities or hindrances that form a barrier to success. If you go to cinema twice a week, you would like to limit it into twice a month. Nevertheless, commitment never stands for unproductive toil. You should have some form of entertainment to pep up your gusto. As obvious, your dedication is the key to your achievement; mind it.

Self-belief: To get something, you first have to have a vision, and to have a vision you need the belief. If you believe you can, you will. The people who realize their dreams are not much superior to you. They are just self-confident. Their conscience is brimming over with aplomb, and this is the reason why they are willing to take great risks to achieve their end. Be strong, be a little optimistic.

Strategic Approach towards the Examination

Every productive action invariably requires a game plan. Toiling aimlessly is not going to bear fruits here. A watchful and sensible approach is a prerequisite here before you can embark on your project-ambition. Take care of the following points,

Select a Suitable Goal

Make a realistic assessment of your capability and talent, and then chose an objective that is attainable in the long term. Define the career route you want to follow depending upon the skills you pursue and knack you inherit. Correctly determine your caliber, stamina and learning capacity before you go on to form an opinion on the mark you want to reach at the ending point.

Break Your Goal into Smaller Ones

Segregate your final destination into smaller achievable targets. Create lesson plans and time limit to learn them by heart. Make practice schedules to measure your progress and adjust your plan to meet the standards you have set for yourself. Don’t hesitate, at this juncture, to reform your criteria and methodology. But, always stick to basics to do this.

Plan Your Attempts

Too much energy should not be wasted on just appearing for the examinations. As such, pre-plan the number of attempts you are going to take and the time interval between each of them. Don’t make it a hard and fast rule; rather, make a good assumption of how you are going to proceed in the endeavor. Collect as much data as possible about the examinations in your field and the amount of competition in them. Then, decide how much time it is going to crack the test.

Preparation Technique for the Competitive Exams

Your result depends upon the methodology you adopt to prepare for the test. Don’t compromise on this point. Prepare thoroughly and aggressively to have the last laugh in the contention. Mind the tips provided below to ensure your triumph in the pursuit of a public service position.

Take Note of the Syllabus

Every government exam has a prescribed syllabus. Take a comprehensive note of the syllabus for your stream or a particular board and the position you are going to apply for. List the topics and subtopics systematically, and determine how much you know and how much you still need to work upon. Most of the aspirants miss on this simple but important trick and prepare for everything from a to z to only discover that they are insufficient in most of them. Do not be one of them. Give a due thought to this important procedure.

Make a Study Plan

Create the whole gambit to cover the syllabus entirely and sufficiently. Break the topics into lesson plans. Delineate a proper routine to master each subject and the area associated with it in a suitable sequence. Eke out some time for recreational activities and well. This will ensure that you are mentally and physically ready for the demanding task before you. While preparing study plan, take care to study the subjects alternatively to maintain your interest in the learning process. Also, dole out some time for revision.

Choose the Right Books

Always choose complete and authentic books that cover your syllabus and are also easy to understand and follow. Do subscribe to a monthly career magazine and a daily newspaper to be updated on the latest happenings in your area. This will aid to boost your general knowledge quotient and automatically prep you up for this sector. Inquire your mentors for more assistance on the best books in your field.

Revise the Lessons Learnt

Always revise your lessons, after a day and a week so that you may not forget them when the time demands. Create a revision plan, for the day, week and month respectively. You will see that your retaining capacity has improved radically only with this small tip. In fact, your entire industry is fruitless if you neglect revision. Make this part a mandatory exercise.

Participate in Mock Tests

You can take part in mock tests organized by some preparation institutes or even create one at home. Mock tests ensure that you are ready for the real life test. Try to encompass every criteria of the real examination in the mock tests so that you do not err when you face the real exam. You can even try your hand at the practice sets provided in the magazines and newspapers and make sure that you suffice in the time limit and competitive standards.

Take Care of Your Memory

Have a daily sound sleep of at least six to seven hours without interruption. Try not to doze off in the day. Be active, optimistic and jovial. Practice good health practices as it is sure to affect your mind. You can even seek herbal remedies to empower your brain. They are really effective, and optimally effective before the examination. But at the end, it all hinges upon your preparation.

Delivering at the Examination Hall

After you have prepared to your fullest, it is the time to apply your knowledge and skill to get across the final hurdle. These few hours decide where your chances stand as far as the results are concerned. Follow these best practices to deliver your best at the test venue,

  • Have a sound sleep a night before the examination.
  • Learn nothing extraordinarily new just before the test.
  • Revise the areas that you still mesmerize.
  • Check every essential item required like pen, pencil or hall ticket.
  • Freshen up yourself perfectly.
  • Eat moderately, sufficiently.
  • You can have more chilies if you are not allergic.
  • Arrive early, but not too early at the test venue.
  • Avoid nervous thoughts, be optimistic.
  • Have a refreshing chat with your friends or the aspirants.
  • If you feel lethargic, take some tea or coffee.

Take it as another day in the offing. Just go and deliver and find yourself in the list of candidates that cracked the exam. Good luck!