Top Five Interview Questions of All Times

Some questions are asked over and over again in the interviews by the recruiters. No matter where you are going for interview and for what post, you should learn these questions by heart, failing which may cost you your job.

Every time you go for an interview, you are bombarded with a horde of questions. Some are brain teasers while others are like the same old wine in new bottles routinely displayed to challenge your taste. You are peeved to come across the same road again and again, but have no other option than to satisfy the interviewer. And guess what, you even commit blunders in those simplest of questions that you consider worthless on your part. The interviewer may derive a lot of meaning from each of the words in response to those questions and this is why it becomes important for you to memorize them before anything else. 

Here is a list of top five frequently asked interview questions and the right strategy to deal with them.

Question 1: Introduce yourself/tell me something about yourself?

As easy seems this question, as long lasting its effects are. This is probably the first question by the interviewer, and is a grand chance for you to make a solid impression. Don't state your name in response as it is already provided in the CV and the interviewer might have repeated your name before asking this question. Instead, tell him about your education, work experience and your achievements. You may even add some data about your hobbies and strengths. Be miser in talking about family background unless asked by the interviewer. What to include in your introduction depends upon the predicted length of the discussion. Tell him something that is not listed in the CV.

Question 2: Why should I hire you?

This question is asked to test your confidence level. It is a challenge to sell yourself. Tell him why you are fit for the tasks that job demands. Don't forget to differentiate your qualities from that of the competitors. There should be some competitive advantage in you over all the other candidates in respect to the position you applied for. Prepare the answer to this question always before going for a meeting with the employer.

Question 3: Why did you leave your last job?

Never abuse your last employer, lest it should portray a negative image before the potential boss. Tell him reasons beyond your control like lack of growth opportunities, shift in residence, higher studies and so on. If ever there was a friction between you and your boss, don't share it on the discussion table. It may hurt your chances.

Question 4: What is your salary expectation?

Now, this is a straight as well as a very confusing query. Sometimes the salary provided by the company for a particular post may be small but it may carry huge perks and benefits. Some of the other times, the position may and the organization may be such enticing that you may sacrifice a portion of your salary for a better reason. In principle, the companies generally agree on providing 20-30 percent hike in salary from your previous job. You can put your demand without stating a numerical figure for the same. If you are not sure, you should opt to accept your salary structure as per the company norms.

Question 5: Where do you see yourself after five years?

The most popular answer to this question is 'On your chair, Sir.' Though this question is asked to know about your future career goals and your energy level, it is also about your plans with the hiring organization. Whatever be your speculation about your achievements, always show that you are going to stay with the organization. Be brave to state more than your own expectations, because organizations like people who are hard working and ambitious.