Time Management in Competitive Exams

The chance of success in a competitive examination depends heavily on the number of questions attempted by the aspirant in the given frame of time. Time management, hence, becomes the deciding factor in a competitive exam.

Time is Crucial in a Competitive exam

It is often said that time and tide wait for none. This proverb is understood umpteen times its meaning by the students attending a test. The fact that practically no aspirant is able to solve all the problems correctly within the provided time block ensures that time is always scarce and should be handled prudently in order to churn out success in the competition. Yes, a lot depends upon the correctness of the questions attended upon. But, you require accuracy plus speed to leave behind your competitors in the race. This article advises some of the hitherto hidden ways to save your time in the competitive examinations.

Make reading your habit

You may be astonished to know that the greatest amount of time consumed in a test is the time donated on reading the question paper. Since it is impossible to solve the test paper without going through the questions, you have no other option but to read them all. Make sure that you spend minimum possible time on reading the questions, so that you have ample time left to deal them. This can be done only by cultivating a first-rate reading habit. I do not counsel you to waste your time lavishly on reading unnecessary books. Read a little, read every day and read with utmost attention and concentration.

Learn some handy tricks

Who can advise you against learning newer tricks and faster methods to solve your paper. Tricks will surely give you a cutting edge over your competitors. The only thing you need to be careful is about the continuity of practice. If you lack proper training in applying tricks, they may even slow down your speed during the examination. Equally important is the accuracy in learning their application. A faulty knowledge may lead to penalty in scores.

Practise on a regular basis

This will be recommended by everyone whosoever you can dare to ask. Practice greatly increases the pace of mathematical operations. It also enhances the accuracy and clarity of thought and reason. While doing your mock papers always analyze your strengths and weaknesses and keep on improving and adjusting your strategy to deal the paper.  The practice should be regular in order to bear sweet fruits to your labor. 

Be alert during the test

This involves making yourself fit to sit tirelessly in the examination hall. Once again practice is the key weapon here. The other ways to remain active is eating less before a test and taking tea just before the examination. Putting a bottle of water near you will help you ease your burden without fail. Take some more chilies in your breakfast the day you appear for the test. In the examination hall, take deep breaths whenever you are too stressed.

Always preplan your strategy

While it is not possible to plan in advance for any competitive exam nowadays, there is always a degree up to which the approximate sketch can be drawn about the type and format of the question paper. So, always make some strategy after trying out the different tactics to solve the paper. Always choose the approach that best fits your skills and temperament. Don't copy others. It may do more harm than good.

Finally, be ready anytime to change and adapt your strategy to suit the circumstances and see the time waiting eagerly for you in the examination hall.