Defeating Your Exam Phobia

Exam phobia turns out to be one of the greatest obstacles in cracking competitive exams. Overcoming this test fear is critical if you want to stay in the contest.

Most of us might have experienced test anxiety at one or the other point of time in our career. Those are the moments when your heart beats double its original pace and the mind becomes blank. You seem to be running short of the ability to express yourself. In the examination, you struggle to find the words or ideas necessary to convey the meaning. In objective paper, you may fail to notice some minor tricks or repeatedly read the same line again and again. These are the symptoms of exam phobia and they are fatal for the health of your score card.

Like the other phobias, exam phobia too doesn't have any obvious reason. It stems from the anticipation of the test and its result. Test anxiety can do much more harm to an aspirant than ever estimated by the other people.

The most common reasons behind exam phobia can be the following,

  • You are not prepared at all for a particular subject
  • You are afraid of the reaction of the friends after the result is out
  • You hate the environment of examination hall and fear going there
  • You are afraid of your guardians stand on your score card
  • You are too much excited and cannot handle the situation
  • You are worried about the expectation of your teachers
  • There is no virtual reason of your terror

How to overcome this exam phobia?

Talk to your parents and mentors 

If you think you are facing this problem, a lively chit-chat with your friends and parents can prove like a panacea for you. A small talk will make your guts soar with ultimate aplomb. Be connected with your mentors and convey your concerns to them. If this doesn't help, you can always seek medical advice. There are some doctors, especially homeopaths, who can solve your problem. Apart from this, you can apply the below mentioned tricks to invariably triumph over your anxiety.

Prepare up to The Limit of Endurance

The majority of students fear exams because they are not well equipped for it. They are short of confidence to attend and crack the test. This is because they already regard their preparation as scanty and insufficient to taste success in the competition. A thorough homework ensures that you have belief on yourself. You are geared up for the examination and are ready to face and tackle any situation.

Appear for more and more exams

The key to curb a fear is to face it boldly. How can one be expected to win a race when he or she fears running. When you appear at more and more tests, you gradually develop a habit and this becomes an everyday affair for you. This inculcates the feeling in you that exam days are nothing different than any other days of the year and the fear starts to vanish away. The more you face your troubles, the farther they move away from you.

Try Meditation and Relaxation Techniques

Practising meditation on a regular basis aids a lot in solving your emotional and psychological problems. It also brings down your stress levels and helps to calm down your unsettled thoughts. In addition, you should also learn some relaxation techniques that can be used before and amid the test to tranquilize your brain. There are people who bet upon the effectiveness of meditation in dealing with anxiety and stress.

Avoid curbing your emotions in real life

Any psychological problem does not arise suddenly. Restraining your emotions for a long period of time is accountable for what you call the sudden outburst of feelings on a particular occasion. Exam fear is also experienced typically by those people who are afraid of expressing their view in the public. When this happens regularly, it affects the mental well being of an individual. Make sure you are always candid and jovial in your real life.

Develop Spiritual Faith in the Almighty

The final way to win over your test anxiety is by having belief on God. Some people may differ from my view and some others may go on to ridicule this idea. But this is what is true. When you go to churches or temples to worship you feel the presence of that superpower and become energized and tension free. Similarly, a strong faith in God makes you stronger from within and you obtain that confidence required to face the test.