Career in the field of Gemology

Gemology is a fascinating field with limited scope but growing career opportunities. Though it is a branch of science, possessing the eye of an artiste is an innate requirement in this field. Become a gemologist if you really admire the view of these precious gemstones.

Utility of gems to mankind lies in the beauty and splendor it grants to the owner. It has also been a symbol of status and authority in the society since the ancient times. Though gems have been cherished since the primeval period of human civilization, it has more prominently become a fashion statement in the modern society now. Gemology is what has made this happen.

What is Gemology?

Gemology is simply the science and art of identifying, evaluating and grading the various kinds of precious stones on the terms of purity and usability. This encompasses all the activities aimed at providing useful and trusted natural or artificial gemstones to the end user. For this, a gemologist studies the character and behavior of the gems and rates them accordingly.

The growing importance of gemology in today's context is due the need to verify the purity of various gems before purchasing them for use. This is useful not only to the customers but also obligatory for the retailers, dealers, traders and artisans in order to maintain a proper market rapport. Gone are the days when jewelry was bought on the solo advice of the goldsmith. With latest fashion trends and increased quality awareness of people, every jewelry seeker asks for certification and quality assurance of the ornaments in question. Gemologist has, as a result, become the demand of the industry now.

Courses and specializations

To pursue a course in gemology, you should at least have an intermediate degree in science subjects. There are various courses ranging from certificates and diplomas to bachelors and masters programs from reputed universities. The primary subjects taught under this discipline are Mineralogy, Crystology, Mineral Chemistry and Optical Mineralogy. You can later specialize in a particular area of your choice like Grading, Cutting and Policing, Gem consultancy, Jewelry Design and so on.

Top Institutions Awarding Degree in Gemology

Some of the reputed institutions granting different courses in Gemology are as follows,

  • Indian Institute of Gemology, New Delhi
  • International Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
  • Bihar National College, Patna
  • Jewelry Design and Technology Institute, Noida
  • Indian Diamond Institute, Surat
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
  • Indian Gemological Institute, New Delhi
  • Diamond Training Institute, Jaipur
  • Indian Institute of Gems and Jewelry, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Gemology, New Delhi
  • Gemological Institute of South East, New Delhi
  • Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru
  • Sinhgad Institute of Gemology and Jewellery Designing, Pune
  • Indian Institute of Jewellery, Mumbai
  • Saint Xavier's College, Mumbai
  • International School of Gemological Sciences, New Delhi
  • Creations - The School of Design and Technology, Pune
  • NIMS Academy of Jewellery, New Delhi
  • Solitaire Diamond Institute (SDI), Bangalore
  • PD Institute of Gem Stone Manufacturing and Management, Jaipur
  • International Gemological Institute, Multiple Centers
  • Gemological Institute of India, Mumbai
  • Swarna Institute of Jewellery Designing, Jaya Nagar
  • DNADS, Bangalore
  • Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur
  • Arihant Diamond Institute, Surat
  • Ace Era Jewellery Designing Academy, Chennai
  • Shreeji Rajendra Diamond Classes (SRDC-INDIA), Mumbai
  • JK Diamonds Institute of Gems and Jewelry, Mumbai
  • Indian Diamond Institute, Surat
  • Gemstones Artisans Training School, Jaipur
  • Global Jewelry and Gemological Institute, Surat
  • Gem Testing Laboratory, Jaipur
  • National Institute of Jewellery (NIJ), New Delhi
  • International Gemological Laboratories and Institute, New Delhi
  • Objet 'D' Art - Jewellery Training Institute, Kolkata
  • ENSIGN - The Jewel Design Institute, New Delhi
  • Satej - The School for Art and Technical Education in Jewellery, Pune
  • Rhea's studio, Bandra (W), Mumbai
  • Aastha Institute of Gemmology, Pune

Important Institutes and Laboratories all over the world for Gemology

  • American Gem Society - AGS
  • Canadian Gemological Association - CGA
  • Canadian Institute of Gemology - CIGEM
  • European Gemological Laboratory (USA) - EGL USA
  • Gemological Association of Great Britain - Gem-A
  • Gemological Institute of America - GIA
  • Gemology Institute of Southern Africa - GISA
  • Gemological Science International
  • International Gemological Institute - IGI
  • HKD Diamond Laboratories (Canada) Pvt. Ltd. - HKD
  • Swiss Gemological Institute - SSEF
  • GCI gemological centers- GCI
  • Indian Institute of Gemology - IIG
  • Gemological Institute of India - GII
  • Gemological Institute of Romania - GIR
  • Gemological Association of Australia - GAA

Career and Placement Prospectus

After doing a course in Gemology you can commence your career in various professional roles such as jewelry designer, diamond grader, gemologist, gemstone auction manager, instructor, appraiser, auction house jewelry specialist, CAD/CAM technician, gem grinder, gem polisher, research professional and so on. You can even start your own business as a manufacturer, dealer or a jewelry business owner.

You can possibly commence your profession after completing your gemology course in one of these places,

  • Gem exporting organizations
  • Reputed goldsmiths
  • Gem evaluation and testing laboratories
  • Jewelry shops and showrooms
  • Mining industry
  • Art auction houses
  • Gemstone cutting and policing units
  • Gemological tools and instruments manufacturing units
  • Jewelry designing labs
  • Gems manufacturing industries

Should you go for it?

It depends on your interest and capability. As far as interest is concerned, you should have a great penchant or love for the precious gems. This will help you grasp the subject matter quickly and effectively. On the quality front, you should possess high level of patience in your character. Else, the job profile may tire you a lot. As per its earning potential, education in gemology is also costly. You will, however, get a befitting return for your money.