Career as a Fitness Trainer

The growing awareness in people towards their body fitness and shape has made fitness training a compulsory routine for most of the civilians today. Consequently, making a career in this field has become a safer breeding ground for the fitness freaks.You would be reading this post with supreme attention if you happen to be a fitness freak. Shouldn't it then suffice for you to take a break from your job search, and convert yourself into a fitness expert instead.

Even if you just love exercising or doing aerobics, you have perfect chance to transform your passion into a fulfilling occupation. The people all around you are dying to attain the perfect health and physique. You just have to cash in this wonderful opportunity and make a breeding ground for a great career.

What is required off a physical trainer?

You need to be a fitness enthusiast first. You must have attended the gym for a few years now and should be thoroughly versed in the use of all the equipments and exercising techniques. In addition, you must be a first-class communicator as this job demands instructing and training a diverse group of people. You have to become your own marketer as well as an ideal example for your clients. If you inherit these qualities in you then there is no reason why you can’t make a career out of this field.

As for the educational skills, you call for specialization in human anatomy and exercise physiology with proficiency in methods used in biomechanics, strength training and so on. A thorough knowledge in nutrition and practical education is a must to get started in this area. You require certification as well as expertise in this field to make your mark.

Institutes and Courses Available

The courses for this profession have a practical orientation rather than being stuffed with theory. There are regular academic programs till PHD in this field. You can even join instructor certification programs or an aerobics course to prepare yourself for becoming a certified trainer. Nike Aerobic Course and Rebook Instructor Certification are also reputed programs offered in various cities of India. The Sports Authority of India also grants certificates in various streams of sports and athletics in various branches all over India.

Some of the best institutes in India providing courses in fitness programs are the following,

  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, New Delhi
  • Lakshamibai National College of Physical Education, Tiruanantpuram and Gwalior
  • Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy, Various centers
  • Sports Authority of India, multiple centers
  • National Institute of Fitness Studies
  • Indian Academy of Fitness Training, Mangalore
  • Integrated Fitness and Sports Institute
  • Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences
  • Sports Authority of India
  • Netaji Subash National Institute of Sports, Patiala
  • Rebook Fitness Academy
  • Golds Gym Fitness Institute, Mumbai
  • Rebook Fitness Studio
  • Gayo Fitness Academy
  • K11 Fitness Academy, Mumbai
  • The Fitness Academy, Mumbai
  • GFFI Fitness Academy, Chandigarh/ Delhi
  • Classic Fitness Academy

Your Work as a Fitness Trainer

The best career option in this field is to start your own business out of it. However, you can kick start your profession as a junior instructor in a health club. You can assume various roles as aerobics instructor, clinical exercise expert, gym instructor or personal trainer in this field. The earning potential in this area is also high after you gain some fame in your career.

As a fitness instructor, you have to take care of the following responsibilities,

• Instructing your trainee on staying in good physical and mental health

• Advising him/her on keeping fit by suggesting a fitness routine, exercise postures and fitness techniques

• Motivating your client to achieve the weekly and monthly targets

• Making diet chart and recommending correct diet supplements to use

• Keeping track of the improvements in the shape and vigor of the trainee, and making future plans accordingly

• Keeping yourself updated on the latest research, market trend and the latest equipment in the market

• Continue educating yourself on nutrition and exercising techniques daily