A Day before the Competitive Exams

What you do a day before the competitive exams does not make a big difference in the scores. The thing that really counts is what you should not be doing on the last available day before the test.

The only day before an exam proves to be a battleground for the preparation hungry souls. Students are seen probing the pages of their books impatiently as if trying to memorize the book in a breath. There are other interesting creatures who like to party hard and go to a cinema hall on the eve before the examination. The aspirants that entertain the most are the ones who purposely wake up half an hour before the exams and somehow manage to arrive at the test venue.

All these participants enrich the competition by their contribution; but none actually follow the right strategy to be able to succeed in the end. If you are serious about your preparation, it will be in your best interest to know what you should and what you should not be doing a day before the competitive exams. Here are some suggestions from my side,

Another day in the offing 

Don’t lose your sleep over what is going to happen the next day. Nothing in this world is really predictable. If you get unsettled by the preparation burden on the last day, it is plausible for you to lose your calm and commit irreversible mistakes in the coming exam. The best thing you can do is to close all your books and relax a bit or if you have a routine that you find interesting, follow it. Never attempt to do something extraordinary on the last day, it won’t happen.

Prepare in advance for the act

By preparation, I mean arranging the things necessary to appear for the test. Reserve your last day to procure and organize the tools and equipments vital for the test, like pen, pencil, rubber, admit card/ hall ticket and so on. Sometimes, a small element may cause a great trouble on the date of competitive exam. Better safe than sorry.

Party sure, but not hard

Entertainment is the best way to ease your mind after the long and stressful journey of preparation. This merriment should not be too noisy and tiresome. Getting engaged in a hobby of your choice will revitalize your energy, at the same time, tranquilize your senses. Meet your bosom friends and engage in some funny conversation a day before the scheduled examination.

Revision must not be sacrificed

Amid all your activity, don’t forget to set aside some time for revision. Basically, it is prudent to revise the current affairs just before the examination day to make it easy for the memory to recall the required data. Some other materials of greater importance can also be gone through to enhance the clarity of thought. This revision should neither be long nor complicated.

Take a sound fulfilling sleep

The best way your body relieves itself of the stress and strain of everyday hustle is rest. This is why most mentors will suggest you to keep away from the late night parties a day before the examination. The body needs rest to reenergize itself and become ready to start a new day. If this day is going to be a competitive one, this rest is even more essential. Sleep on time and get up early. Make sure that you don’t get disturbed between your sleep. Take a full nap.

Remain jovial and fresh

Being cheerful is what makes most of the daunting tasks much easier than one’s anticipation. Avoid any pressure and abstain from making new plans or proposals a day before the competitive exams. Hear soft music if you are a music lover. Take a refreshing shower and stay cool. Eat little and keep a bottle with you in the examination hall. Smile and win the competition.